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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 27, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EST

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. new tonight, protests heat up and some dem stations in philadelphia turn tense hours after president don bell's visits to the is they. >> this is a very special place in our nation's history and it's the place where we launched our american independence. >> but, tonight, some of the president's remarks about philadelphia are causing city leaders to fire back. good evening, everyone, i'm
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jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. >> president trump left the city hours aago and protest grew larger after he returned to washington. >> live in center city with the story, alex. >> reporter: the last round of protesters since dispersed from the area around city hall. there's still a significant police presence on market street. a day's worth of peaceful demonstrations took a sgruk sgrukttive turn as three police vehicles were vandized spray paint on 13 and arch. >> also this evening, police standing watch in front of the wawa broad an walnut were confronted by a group where a sign appeared to have been thrown and confiscated and this also placed following the dop policy retreat taking place at the low's hotel on market street. about 3,000 in total took to the streets earlier to voice opposition over the new
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republican administration. these protests span the core of center city and despite tensions peace was kept between 'crowd that does not approve of the new president. >> man is not qualified for the job. >> and those willing to see the nud administration through. >> as long as he does his job, let him do his job. >> reporter: protesters vowed they will take to the the streets once again tomorrow. there was one ticket given out for a civil violation and no arrests were made. alexandria hof, eyewitness news 3. >> do protests annoy you or effective of changing thoughts and feelings. nicole brewer brooks at the history of protests in american and when they have made a difference. the president also ignited new can't very here in philadelphi philadelphia. his take on the city crime rate drew widespread sit six. >> look at the 30 largest cit cities and the murder rate increased by estimated 14%.
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here if philadelphia the murder rate has been steady let me just tear bally increase and then you look at chicago. what is going on in chicago? >> that is why he we will continue to stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. >> according to the philadelphia police department crime statistics posted on their web site so far this year there have been 27 nurders updated through january 25 a 3 30% increase in homicides as compared to this time last yea year. in 2016 there were 277 murders in philadelphia down three from 2015 when 280. >> and our homicides are in fact showily declining and while we're not satisfied with the current numbers we are handicapped by republican refusal to inact any kind of common sense gun control and
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obsession with turning our police officers innocent agents. >> teng as arising during u.s. and mexico over the plan to build a border wall. mexican president says he informed the white house he cancelled his trip to washington because president trump is moving forward with a plan that call for mexico to pay for the estimates $15 billion wall. but today in philadelphia president trump claimed that san selllation was mutual. >> unless mexico treats the united states fairly with respect, search a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. it is time that the american people had a president fighting as hard for its citizens as other country's do for theirs and that's exactly what i'm going to do for you. believe me. >> reporter: mexico says it will not pay for the wall.
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in response, the trump administration is considering a 20% tariff on mexican imports. >> british prime minister theresa may will meet with president trump tomorrow. she was in philadelphia to address congressional lawmaker lawmakers. she emphasized importance ever the relationship between you uk and u.s. >> the world is passing through a period of change. and in response to that change, we can either be passive bystanders, or we can take the opportunity once more to lead and to lead together. >> may's arrival comes at the unit kingdom nrawnts exit from the european union and looks for trading partners in europe and beyond. president trump supported their decision to leave the uheu. >> chris christie visit a trenton high school where he is met with protesters. they greeted christie on his way into trenton central high school where he talked with students and protesters are
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upset with the governor's proposed changes to the school funding formula. christie's school visited heaven at the same time that trump met with republicans in philadelphia. and with no cabinet appointment some question the state of their highly publicized frien friendship. >> does governor being here turn town an opportunity to be with president trump. >> no why would you ask that. >> this is my job. >> he turned down multiple jobs in the trump administration. >> a deadly crash in port richmond, brandon boshian was in control of the train when it derailed killing 8 people and injuring more than 200 others. he says amtrak failed to address reports people were throwing projectiles at trains. he claims something hit his train causing him to become disoriented or unconscious. federal investigators say he was distracted by reports
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something hit another train but his train was not hit and investigators say the engineer of amtrak train involved in a deadly crash near chester last april tested positive for marijuana after that crash. and two maintenance workers were killed when the amtrak train slammed into the back of their back hoe and they found the maintenance crew failed to follow safety procedures and they let work go without a detailed safety plan. and accused ft. lauderdale airport shooter has been formally indicted by a grand jury. estaban sand yaing owe is facing numerous charges and could face the death penalty if convicted of the shooting at the airport. he left five dead and six wounded and it contains into terrorism represented charges despite his claims to the fbi that he was inspired by isis. >> and new jersey state police continue to follow leads to figure out the source of a dumb bell that smashed through a driver's windshield killing him and they tweeted an update
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today "detectives have not discovered any evident that indicates this ways deliberate act" investigation continues. 75-year-old jack decarlo was driving along the new jersey turnpike salem county january 9 when 50 pound weight hit him in the head and he died tuesday night and his wife in the passenger seat suffered minor injuries. as you saw at the top of the broadcast protesters were out in full force and had a mess foj or the president of the united states. protests have been a part of american history for hundreds of years. >> and protesters have not always been embraced by society at large. some say they're making histor history. others say it's nothing more than a hassle. >> nicole brewer is here now with the impact of first amendment right during pivotal moments in our history. >> reporter: quite an impact they'vehood. change takes time and quite a bit can be uncomfortable and
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status question often gets a lot of push back. when bro' testers took to the streets of philly thursday many saw it as exercise in flee dom. >> protesting is part of our country how american was born. >> reporter: while others considered it more of an inconvenience. >> i think people get annoyed it disrupts traffic and block street. >> reporter: add violence and destruction to the mix and you see why some are turned off. >> by the very nature protests are disruptive of the status quo. >> reporter: the senior director of programs and services at the pennsylvania historical society says protesters made people uncomfortable and angry throughout naiing's's history. >> reporter: you have boston tea party sam adams seen as a hot head and when women marched on washington 19 13 it was the fact it was women marching in the street. >> and movement of 1960s. >> the people against america
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and destruction are seen as heroes. >> reporter: are first amendment marches largely successful. >> i'm sure protest verz an impact. they're out and visible. >> reporter: it often takes years of dedication and reinvent. first you been with lick protest for gay rights was 196 1965. it took another 50 years to legal lies same-sex marriage nationwide. >> there were continuing different strategies to keep putting that protest movement in the face of the public. >> reporter: largely brought about by pro tester that often ruffle fathers but do a great deal of good. >> the success of social movement has a lot to do in the way it's carried out. peaceful protest has a better chance of make a different than one filled with violence and destruction where the message often gets lost. >> i think most of the people i spoke to on the street that's what they had a problem with, ludeing and destruction of property and violence towards
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people. >> interesting. thank you nicole, appreciate it. >> thank you. president trump inside air force one the first thing he wanted reporters to see. >> also straight ahead tonight at 11 the mystery surrounding first lady melania trump and what people are waiting for her to announce. >> enjoy good food and book at tucked away spot in city. vittoria woodill introduces us to the man behind this restaurant and how it was inspired by writing of his favorite author, kate. >> and cold air returned to the area today the. lake effect snow and cold winds from the west move through. i will tell you how chilly and blustery with till be and what it will feel like tomorrow morning. >> and oprah winfrey remembers an icon the queen of talk opens up about mary tyler moore and how the late actress inspired her, when we come back
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>> president trump journey for philadelphia was first ride on
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air force one and media was invited into the president office inside plane today where they found president seated at desk with navy blue air force one jacket swung over the desk chair there. president trump called the airplane beautiful. >> almost a week into president dncy and there's no word on who will be on the first lady's staff. melania trump press secretary, social secretary, communications director and chief of staff positions are waiting to be filled. the first lady will split her time between new york and washington for the next few months to their son barron with finish the school year. she's working to fill those spots. >> women of mary tyler moore are faulking about the icon. "oprah" tonight visited cbs studios in loss ang aless where the mary tie lower moore show was filmed. moore was an inspiration to her and annen tire generation of women. she talked to our sister station in la. >> for me, and i know for
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annen type generation of women, she represented what the new feminist whom who was kind and generous and also wanting her equity in the world. >> "oprah" also said it was mary tyler moore that inspired her to own her own talk show and have her own production company. you can hear a lot more from oprah winfrey tomorrow morning on eyewitness news this morning that starts at 4:30 a.m. >> and we know there's nothing like a good book or a good sfwleel and this week's twaiingt torrey, vittoria woodill takes to you philly's latest hot spot where books serve as inspiration and food is so good you won't tant to put down. >> there may be many ways to cure writer's block why not start in washington square west. writers back rehab is a three story small bar and restaurant concocting innovating cocktails
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like arugla martinis and seasonal small bites served with a good become and settling in for a good story. let's proceed to the prelude with the owner. >> i left india when and did engineer in india and came from nba in drexel. i did a lot of travel. one thing i found if you have a book next to you or you liked reading or heard of a book it's a great way to start conversation. >> books help ram put himself out there in travel and it was atmosphere of barron the journey of of kol coming ut as a gay man. >> bars became an important place toss government one you met people similar as you and two you actually had something to -- you felt like you were in a community and for me as i was thinking of opening the business the more i thought about it, its with a bar. i need to on a bar and create the next space.
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>> so he d he created a safe place where all can sit at the bar like books on a shelf. >> each person that sits in the chair has their life and their stories and for that moment they're connect todd all of the other people at the bar. >> peek over your shoulder and there's plenty of authors and upstairs cozy up to delicious drink or smoked salmon toast with capers that pop. >> and avacad so toast with hard boiled eggs and fresh convenientlyyes and whipped devil eggs topped with sweet crab meat. >> the perfect bite would be the cover of this book. >> and add a good book and conversation as it's all. >> just enough to make you wanting more just like a good book. >> now because writer's block rehab is brand new they have plans for making it great and they want you get you involved. they're encouraging anyone who wishes to stop by and bring a book to add to their library
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for others to enjoy. all they ask is that you sign and date it. >> that's a lovely idea. >> isn't that cool. >> do you have any books to add to the shelf. >> i have to think about it. >> we had 50 boxes of books when we moved. we have lots in our house. >> you bring the books and i'll eat the grub. >> okay. >> the forecast and i'm looking forward to seasonable digits right. >> that's what we have going on a pretty good strep of january. january after all not 70 for january not bad weather ahead and things calming down after the blustery conditions we dealt with today and winds subsided tonight and they'll pick back up again in the afternoon tomorrow. not as strong as they were today. and temperatures are slightly above normal for the weekend. let's look outside now. again blustery day in the city of philadelphia and very strong winds and blowing people down the street and they have subsided a little bit tonight, it's quiteet.
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skies clear as we head into tomorrow and you may see a few spots and snowflakes. here's why. storm scan 3 shows in wake of frontal passenger earlier today there's lake effect snow showers making it as far as central pennsylvania now. i don't expect most of us to see anything from this but a few flakes here and there especially in the lehigh valley or poconos. it's really indication of how cold that air is. and as it blasts over the warmer waters of great lakes and moves down across the northeast. so we're finally getting that winter chill back in the air and some people will say this is great we lover winter and it's supposed to feel like this and others will be mourning the 50s that we had for quite sometime now. and wind gusts today topped out in the 40 mile an hour range and 4 in reading and highest when we saw 47 miles an hour newcastle, delaware, temperatures now in the mid 40s as well and you can see the winds died down across the live neighborhood network sites 15 miles an hour or so from the west in most areas and idea another raindrops to the calendar today.
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it's been a green month. 06" of rain and after today's showers 4.9" of snow in month and it's been a wet month. we'll finish out the remainers of january days on a dry note. no more raindrops added to the calendar headed through end of month. windy and cool iter tomorrow. with sunshine. and breezy. still chilly, seasonable on saturday and we'll keep the sun around for sunday as well. partly sunny. notice this front is arriving and doesn't have a lot of moisture with it it will replenish the cold and monday looks like coldest day of the current stretch. winds tonight 15 miles an hour and tomorrow 10 to 20 and wind gusting as high as 25 or 30 at times and another brisk day and same story saturday winds west at 15. and one thing you have to look at this time of year is the wind chill. and because it's going to mean they are mom her lies a bit temps in the mid0s. here's what it looks like stan standing at the bus stop 8 a.m., 26 in philadelphiaen 4 allentown and 15 mount pocono and in the afternoon, 5 p.m.,
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temperatures in the 40s. and it feels not much better than freezing throughout with gusty wind and same story saturday morning wake up it feels like temperatures in the 0s and in the afternoon doesn't feel any better than the 30s. and so got to factor in the wind this time of year and it feels chilly you need to dig out the gloves and hat and we have not needed hat in sometim sometime. 35 overnight, tomorrow, 46, again feeling like 34, 35 at best with west wind 10 to 20 miles an hour eyewitness weather 7 day forecast keeps it season able through the weekend. winds gradually dying down each day. sunday looks like the calmest day and 44 degrees. few more clouds than monday we replenish cold highs in the0s. finishing out january on tuesday and on a pretty good note. if there's a chance for snow in the forecast it would be the start of february next wednesday and weak clipper system on some of the models. >> weak. >> key word. >> thanks. >> coming up next in sports? >> we're talking pucks, flyers looking for back-to-back to
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back wins and what wayne simmonds did to help the cause and joel embib rejected adds all star and his response is classic jojo, coming up in
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>> joel embib will not be in the all star. kevin love, paul george, and millsap filling the front rotor spots and favorite player shack to afternoon 19 points 7 boards 2 blocks in first 29 games. but, no all-star luck. jojo as he often z. took his game to twitter. he said, once again, the popular vote did not matter. >> that's clever. >> that's good. >> let's see what he did ther there. >> embib was one of the leaders in fan votes but it was not good enough to secure a spot. >> all right. five winds and five weeks.
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that's good. if you're nfl team. not so much if you make a living on the ice. fine allege game before all star break and flyers looking to close out on hot streak. orange and black hosted toront toronto. you have to make up your mind and put the fliers jersey on and maple leaves hat. and fist period. we go. wayne simmonds the first time all star with the 21st of season to the third now, flyers working hard out in front. roman labeam with the goal and michael norway bert got the start in the net tonight and flyers win 2-1 they won three straight headed to all-star break. >> we went through a month where we a lot of times we were our own worst enemy. we were not playing complete games. and you know, one area or another was breaking down. you go through those stretches and you know, it seems like right now we're fighting through that a little bit.
2:32 am
>> college hoops drexel hosting hofstra. off the steal, rodney williams with the slam, 22 points, 8 boards. great passing by the dragons, why because sharing is caring and mohamad, for the basket. drexel winning 81-80 in over time. let's head out to beautiful tore jury pines for the farmers insurance. that looks like fun. very good. >> would you guys do that? >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> sure. >> why not. >> would you do anything like this tiger woods. >> i wish i could. >> haven't we all given ourselves that look before. >> you have given yourself this look on the 15 when the ball does this. jd speak on it has it hand to you. >> i'm such a golfer. >> he shot and the final two rounds of the tournament here on cbs3. here's something you should never try. video by red bull swedish
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snowmobile rider daniel bodine nailed the world's first double back flip. eyes been dreaming of nailing it for two years he's the first rider to try it and stay on the snowmobile. >> the idea is staying on it. >> and practicing. >> thank you up next how water therapy is helping one zoo
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>> a premature baby hippo born at the cincinnati zoo is receiving round the clock care. she was born 6 weeks early and now weighs 29 pounds and it took two weeks to stand. she spent time in the pool with help of zoo keepers that helps her build muscles and maintain optimal body temperature. >> kate. >> here's latest weekend watch. we'll take you back to the 7 day the most important days if
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you plan the weekend and it looks like it it will be a nice weekend you will need the coat especially in the poconos. if you hit the slopes a few flakes saturday. in the city and down the shore low 40s. more wind saturday and few clouds on surprised and altogether a pretty seasonable clouds on surprised and altogether a pretty seasonable weekend for late january. just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family.
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>> tune into eyewitness news in the morning and we'll be liver at the auto show from 4:30 to 7. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on cbs and late show with stephen colbert is on next. >> have a good night and sleep well. >> have a good night and sleep well. thank you for watching. >> announcer: if you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one
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